Keith picked up a nasty habit of game developing at an early age, building a Breakout clone at fourteen and not looking back. With a degree in Computer Studies from the University of Teesside, focusing in 3d modelling and the Unreal Engine, Keith has favored making small games and refocusing on Web Development. Wth the rise of the Smartphone, Keith has been making progressively more iPhone and Android apps and games.

Keith has been professional Actionscript/Flash/AIR Developer for five years, and has developed in C# for Unity3d for three, building projects in an agency environment for end-clients such as Disney, ITV, Glasgow Science , the NHS, the BBC and Rolls Royce. In addition to a specialty in Flash and Unity programming, he has training in a full suite of languages and techniques including HTML, CSS and PHP, and a full compliment of programs he feels expertise in such as Photoshop and 3dsMax.

Outside of work, Keith plays a lot of games of all stripes – be they Video Games, RPGS or Board Games, and rides a Honda CMX250 Motorcycle. He drums to a Grade 4 standard and goes to at least one Heavy Metal music festival a year.

Keith, with some tarot cards