Long Time Since an Update (April 2015)

April 10th, 2015 - No Comments

I’m not the most regular blogger.

Normally it’s because I’ve spent so long packing my time with things to do I don’t give myself time to pause and reflect. But with my last blog post made sometime in late 2013 it’s probably time I should do just that. So what actually did happen in that year and a half?

I changed jobs twice. I now¬†work in the eeeeeevil gambling sector where I make eeeeeevil slot machines that steal eeeeeevil money from eeeeeevil people, as part of an eeeeeevil division of an eeeeeevil multinational¬†media conglomerate that’s partly owned by Fox. Previously to that I was doing exhibition stand programming for something about as evil due to it’s contracts from Big Pharma and Defence Contractors so ethically it’s a step sideways… :p

I moved to London. I like it here. I moved in with my long time conspirator programmer Duncan (who’s portfolio website is just as up to date as my own) and we have a nice flat together with some office space and enough tea to survive the apocalypse. We’re thinking of running a game streaming show that’s a thinly veiled excuse to rant about our thoughts on game design.

My brother started his own streaming show, showcasing his own technical nuances with Photoshop and After Effects in the process. His channel’s over at hitbox.tv, where he streams a varied collection of Early Access Frontier Survival games and the like on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

I went to Germany for Wacken festival. I also went to Wales for Hammerfest last month. Living in London gives me better transport links than I had in Cheltenham, and a better selection of gigs to go see in Winter.

My mother died two months ago.

I watched all of Twin Peaks in a single sitting with someone I care about.

Lots of things happened. Not much of it game programming related though…
Maybe next month when I turn thirty…


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