Unity 3D

Keith has been working in Unity 3D for the past two years, and has developed s few different small games for the iPhone, as well as having worked on updates and as a consulting programmer for exhibition stands running Unity games across the UK.

Smashing RobotsSmashing Robots

Smashing Robots is the flagship product for miniWorldGames, and is an intuitive puzzle platforming game. Taking control of the flightpath of John Rambot, you catapult him through five worlds of levels, destroying the Evil Corp robots to rescue your buddies

Download: Smashing Robots for iOS for free
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Vanishing PoYnTVanishing PoYnT

Brush off the dust from your Tron Lightcycle and ready your ears for the auditory stylings of progressive musicians Vanishing PoYnT, as they provide the soundtrack for this endurance driving iPhone game. Score the tracks to unlock the music and boost your combo, all the while trying to avoid he roadblock monsters.

Download: Vanishing PoYnT for iOS for free
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Keith’s primary work tool is Flash, a platform that retains strong cross platform capabilities and a rapid prototyping speed unmatched even today in the world of HTML5 and Smartphones. With AIR export functionality, Keith has been developing cross-compatible software for Android, iOS and the web, and continues to do so with modern programming techniques such as Robotlegs and Starling.


Appealing to word puzzle gamers and poker fanatics alike, Rakpoka is a cunning game for two players produced by Abble Games. Available on both Android and iOS devices, the game has a built in pass and play mode for local hotseating, and a dedicated online server for multiplayer with daily rankings and an ante system.

Download: Rakpoka for iOS for free on the iPhone/iPod Touch or for 69p on the iPad
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Drinking Time MachineDrinking Time Machine

Drinking Time Machine, Drinking Mirror and Smoking Mirror are products commissioned for and worked in conjunction with ChangeMyFace on behalf of the NHS and the Scottish Government to promote awareness of the health risks of using tobacco and alcohol products. Available in app forms on iOS and Android, and as an interactive stand in the Glasgow Science Center’s Bodyworks exhibit, the products have been reported in Regional, National and International Cable News programs to great acclaim.

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Mercian Cycles Framebuilder

Mercian Cycles are a bespoke bicycle workshop in Derbyshire who produce top-of-the-line frames for the serious cyclist. They approached the company I was working for about a new website, and as part of the package wished to have an interactive frame-building application for potential customers to design their ideal frame, view options they wished on their frame, and see the paint-job all before they had even put an order through.

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Football Megastars & Racing Frogs

One of my first professional endeavours was to taken over as the lead developer of the Flash front-end of Racing Frogs, and to build the sequel/spin-off game, Football Megastars. In both games you train an athlete (a professional footballer or a… racing frog) that competes in it’s chosen sport every evening against other player’s protegés. Football Megastars was an interesting challenge, needing to balance the data for four hundred individual teams.

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Web Technologies

With years of experience in HTML and CSS, Keith constructs the front ends for websites using modern responsive design ideologies and systems, endeavouring to cater for a majority of browsers. With a sufficient command of PHP and mySQL, Keith has constructed comprehensive modifications to base CMS systems that permit a total control of a site to an end client or entire Shopping Cart systems, designing for all users regardless of technical experience.

Rancon & miniWorldGames

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Farmcombe Estates

A suite of sites were commissioned by the Cotswold’s premier venue for business and adult education classes, The Farncombe Estate. Notable amongst them in the Farncombe Courses website – a site originally envisaged as a brochure-site, but rapidly grew to become the group’s focus of sales. In need of a system that simultaneously handled the announcement of new courses and processing their payments, I programmed an entirely new e-Commerce solution within their CMS that satisfies all their needs and processes dozens of orders daily.

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The London Helicopter

For booking a flight through the clouds over the capital city, you’d want it to be through a site that looks professional and remains reliable regardless of your current browser – after all, if you’re only in the country for a day, all you may have is your phone! Designed using Skeleton, the London Helicopter’s front is responsive down to mobile, able to present the Route information and frequently asked questions about booking a tourist flight along the path of the Thames, to providing a quick link to the comprehensive booking system. The back-end of the site was overhauled from a popular CMS to provide total customization and utility to the company’s owners (and pilots!), allowing them to update the site’s imagery, prices, and information without taking too much time away from their hectic schedules!

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Drive Essex

Requested by a friend Ken, a driving instructor in Essex who was in need of a presence on the ‘net, I developed a flat website and theme, along with a Google Maps guide of the areas of the county he provides training for.

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