Drinking Time Machine on This Morning

March 20th, 2012 - No Comments
Phillip Schofield, on Drinking Time Machine

Phillip Schofield, on Drinking Time Machine

Drinking Time Machine was featured on today’s episode of “This Morning”.

For those not familiar with the program, “This Morning” is a magazine program that shows between lovingly detestable slice of hell “The Jeremy Kyle Show” and midday every work-day on the ITV channel in the UK. During a segment on Apps and Healthcare they use the Drinking Time Machine to age Phillip Schofield by ten years and simulate what the effects would be if he drank a bottle of wine every day for ten years…

Funny. I remember him best from Saturday Morning TV, and now I can feel those memories of Gordon the Gopher and Live and Kicking fleeing away…

Rancon uploaded a copy onto Youtube. Give it a look!

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