IndieSpeedRun 2013, Maybe?

August 30th, 2013 - No Comments

Next month is IndieSpeedRun month. Peter Molyneux himself is making an appearance as a judge this year, as is another rockstar-level development name, Goichi Suda (Suda51). They join most of last year’s judges, including ranty end-boss-judge Yahtzee who represents overall sponsor The Escapist. For added challenge, there’s a Danger Dice gambling feature where your initial allocation of random Element and Theme can be rejected – at a price of accepting the next, much more specific terms it spews out. Most Excellent.

Much as I want and need to take part, September is looking pretty packed for me (the new job is sending me overseas for ten days of warcoding…). But thanks to what may be an unfortunate cancellation of my bi-monthly University-friends-board-gamey-meetup-thing I might have carved a weekend when me and Duncan can throw something together. I also might have secured the attention of another old University acquaintance, Jess, to pretty the game up with some artwork if she can also free up some time.

If I’m right on all that, from Friday 16th through Sunday 18th I’ll be heading up #aBadIdea for another rapid prototyping session…

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