Plans for a Gauntletlike…

June 25th, 2013 - No Comments

There’s something charming about Gauntlet.

Gauntlet, NES Box Art and Screenshots

Red Wizard Needs Quarters Badly!

It’s a nasty, cutthroat little game. Literally designed in the dark ages of gaming to vacuum up coins from players – after all, every second you spent on screen was a few hit points lost. Father of the hack and slash, it gave rise to the now familiar horde of enemies charging towards you, being cut apart in droves. With a simultaneous focus on melee and ranged combat and closing spawning pits, it is a relic that could find no home in the modern, refined gaming of toda—

Gears of War, Bullshot and Screenshots

Oh! Juxtapositon!

Okay it’s unfair to compare the franchises. I actually enjoy Gauntlet.

So what I’m aiming to do is finish off the bugs with my Tile Based Engine, and build a control system for a character. Develop a theme (I’m thinking… Pro-Wrestling meets Fighting Fantasy gamebooks… tongue in cheek ), approach an artist, get a keen little hack and slash going. Got a flowchart and everything…

Smashcrawl Flowchart

The observant may notice it has provisions for  OUYA and Kickstarter. The cynical are free to comment on my moral failings on those below. We’ll see how well it goes, but for now, go have a look at the Engine I made in Unity…

As well as a logo for the project. A temporary one.

Smashcrawl Logo

The easiest part of any project is coming up with an idea for it’s logo…


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